In this section, you will find a selection of copy, articles and reviews I have published in recent years, including feature articles, promotional material, music reviews. In the drop-down list under ‘Portfolio’ above you can click on and read a number of articles I have written.

For my latest CV, please click on the following link: Richard Glass CV 2015.

I was project leader, navigation designer and content manager for the website of Fairfood International launched on 16 February 2015. I also wrote a number of articles, features, press releases and OpEds for the organisation, including interviews with La Isla Foundation founder Jason Glaser and Sanjay Rawal, director of the award-winning documentary ‘Food Chains‘.

mindfulness2 copyI also wrote devised and wrote a series of articles for the online ‘UvA in the Spotlight’ series, in which a number of internationally renowned professors and researchers were interviewed on their work, with subjects including the application of mindfulness, sustainability and GMOs, the erosion of civil liberties post 9-11 and the influence of comics/superheroes on modern culture:

‘UvA in the Spotlight’ interview on mindfulness with professor of Developmental Psychopathology Susan Bögels

‘UvA in the Spotlight’ interview on the erosion of civil liberties post 9-11 with Prof. Dierdre Curtin

‘UvA in the Spotlight’ interview on the role of comics and superheroes in modern culture with Dr Dan Hassler